Health and Safety Planning and Implementing

The success of your Health and Safety Management System depends on careful planning, which involves such activities as:

  • Identifying which requirements apply to your organisation
  • Establishing performance criteria against which you can measure operation of the system.
  • Defining an implementation plan of actions, time-scales and desired outcomes
  • Ensuring everyone involved is aware of their responsibilities

Essential actions include:

Risk Assessments

This is the basis of all health and safety activity. Before putting measures in place to control risk, it is necessary to identify the hazards, the levels of risk associated with each of them, where they are carried out and the people exposed to the hazards.

Legal Requirements

Health and safety law aims to comprehensively cover all workplace environments. There are some regulations that apply to every organisation, whilst others apply to specific trades and circumstances. It is necessary to establish which regulations and trade practices apply to your organisation.

Health and safety Arrangements

The key areas covered by the arrangements include:

  • Overall plans and objectives, including personnel and resources that are needed to implement your health and safety policy.
  • Controls for managing the risks identified by risk assessments, including organisational aspects
  • Measuring performance, audits and reviews of your health and safety management system
  • Implementing corrective actions and improvements that are needed to cater for legal changes, changes in your organisation or the environment in which you operate.

HSEasy is designed to help you set up all necessary arrangements in an orderly and efficient manner.

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